Earth Law Portal

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that the Earth Law Portal was developed on the traditional lands of Indigenous Peoples, who continue to be the caretakers of Mother Earth. We recognize and honor their ongoing connection to this place, as well as to the land, water, and other non-human kin on Mother Earth.

We encourage you to visit to understand the areas and Indigenous Peoples you are connected to, and to reflect on your relationship with the territory. How did you come to be here? As you enter this site, we ask you to take time to acknowledge your responsibilities and obligations, while also reflecting on the commitments you can make to support planetary healing.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that Indigenous laws are the foundation of the modern Earth Law movement. We understand that laws and policies should be adapted to differing cultural and political situations.

The templates provided on this portal are not universally applicable solutions and may need to be adapted to fit specific cultural and political contexts. They are not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you require legal support, we recommend consulting with a licensed attorney.

What if we gave a voice and rights to ecosystems, plant and animal species, and future generations?
What if the legal system represented all life on the planet, not only humans?