Together, we can create Earth-centered laws and governance to live in harmony with Nature

What if we gave a voice and rights to ecosystems, plant and animal species, and future generations?
What if the legal system represented all life on the planet, not only humans?

Earth Law Portal

The Earth Law Portal is your gateway to learn from cutting-edge legal models and letters, particularly those being developed internationally, that recognize rights and honor the voice of ecosystems, species, & future generations while empowering local communities to create a thriving future.

Photo by Kat Med of a cluster of cacti.Photo by Melina Kiefer of a mountain goat between two mountainsPhoto by Francesco Ungaro of a school of orange fish swimming near coral.

Create & implement a legal system that represents all life on the planet

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Legal Templates

Download and customize legal templates that advance Earth Law movements at all levels of government, with a focus on the USA

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Letter Templates

Create letter templates that advance a variety of Earth Law movements with customization right on your web browser

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